Version 4.10.0 – PDF Statements, Invoices, and More

Version 4.10.0 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

This update introduces new PDF statements functionality, and the ability for affiliates to upload invoices when requesting payouts. Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the admin settings page.

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  • New Feature (PRO): Added new option to allow affiliates to upload an invoice whilst requesting a commission payout. As an admin, you can then view/download the invoice in the payouts tab, before paying the commission. This feature can be set to disabled, optional, or required.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added new “Statements” feature, to automatically generate a PDF statement for payout requests, with the payout details, which can be downloaded. A variety of customisations are available in the plugin settings.
  • Improvement: Updated the admin settings page to instantly update settings via ajax, when each individual setting is updated (removed the “save” button). Shows notification/icon to confirm update.
  • Fix: Fixed alignment of “add new” campaign field in the affiliate referral URL tab.
  • Fix: Fixed possible lightbox conflict with creatives tab if website already has lightbox installed.
  • Fix: Fixed the “Creatives Text” which was not showing on the creatives tab as it should.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with commission not updating in dashboard instantly, when the commission amount/percentage is changed in settings.
  • Dev: Restructured the admin settings page code to be more compact and organised.