Version 4.14.0 – Stripe Payouts, PayPal Payouts, and more Payouts Improvements!

Version 4.14.0 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available!

This is a big one, with some new highly requested features and improvements to the “Payouts” functionality, including one-click Stripe payouts, one-click PayPal payouts, and more!

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  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Updated payouts system to allow affiliate user to select between multiple payout options.
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added “PayPal Payouts” as an option for paying affiliate commission automatically in one-click, via PayPal.
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added “Stripe Payouts” as an option for paying affiliate commission automatically in one-click, via Stripe Connect.
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added “Bank Transfer” as an option for payouts (manual payments).
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added 2 “Custom Payment Method” options for manual payouts. The previous payment method will remain as “Custom Payment Method #1”.
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added a new “Scheduled Payout Requests” option, in the “Payouts” settings, to automatically request payouts on a scheduled basis.
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added a new email notification for the “Scheduled Payout Requests” to list all the payout requests that were requested automatically (instead of sending individual email for each).
  • New: [Payouts] (PRO) Added a new email notification for “New Commission Payout”, which will be sent to the affiliate user when a requested commission payment is marked as paid. Can be enabled in the “Emails” settings.
  • New: [Dashboard] Added option to show a new “Affiliate” link on the “My Account” page menu. Can be turned on in “General” settings.
  • Improvement: Added a “Coupon Affiliates” meta box to the “edit coupon” admin page, which shows a “View Dashboard” link, and the affiliate user.
  • Tweak: Added a maximum date range for “monthly summary” and “latest orders” of 12 months. Helps prevent users from creating unnecessary queries that are too large.
  • Tweak: Added a temporary 3 second disable for the “filter” button when clicked, for “monthly summary” and “latest orders” filters, to prevent spamming it.
  • Tweak: Added a limit of 10 requests within 2 minutes on “monthly summary” and “latest orders” filters, to prevent spamming it.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Small design tweaks/changes to the admin “payouts” and “registrations” page / table.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Edited the “date” format shown on the affiliate dashboard payouts tables for “date paid” and “date requested”.
  • Tweak: Disabled the “registration” form if the “template coupon” setting has not been set.
  • Tweak: Moved up the plugin’s admin menu position into the same section as the WooCommerce menu items.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with coupons that have spaces not showing the affiliate dashboard on the shortcode page, when assigned to user.
  • Fix: Fixed percentage change to show -100% instead of 0% when new value is 0, and old value is greater than 0.
  • Fix: Will now enqueue ajax on the selected “affiliate dashboard page” even if the shortcode not found directly in page editor.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed issue with “Monthly Summary” table “Commission” column slightly breaking table format if there is no commission at all.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed occasional small issue with short URL generator when first short URL generated is was a campaign URL.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed the “user” links in the admin payouts table.
  • Fix: Fixed “total” statistics in admin reports that were sometimes showing as 1 decimal place instead of 2.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with cron job not always being set to the “first day” for the email reports, when the time was not set to 00:00.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where if for some reason some text fields in the plugin settings were set to nothing (empty) then it may stop related features from working properly (such as the “referral URL variable”).
  • Fix: Fixed a few issues occurring with the WPML plugin installed.
  • Dev: Updated short URLs and campaigns to use the better ajax requests code format.