Version 4.8.0 – Referral URL Campaigns, Social Sharing, Short URLs, QR Codes & Click History

Version 4.8.0 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available, and it’s a big one!

This update includes a whole bunch of new features, expanding on the already existing “Referral URL” feature in the plugin.

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  • New Feature: Added new “visit history” log to “referral URL” tab, so affiliates can view their click/visit history for their referral links. This shows the page, referring URL, campaign, date, and if the visit was convered into a sale.
  • New Feature: Added new “Referral URL Visits” admin page, to view all clicks/visits for all affiliate coupons.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added feature to add social sharing buttons to the referral URL, so affiliates can instantly share their generated referral link.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added feature to allow affiliate users to generate a short URL for their referral link automatically. In 1 click it will turn their long referral link, into a nice shortlink.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added feature to allow affiliate users to automatically generate a QR code for their referral link.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added a new “landing pages” section in the “referral URL” tab, which shows all the landing pages that the coupon is assigned to, along with the link and share buttons etc.
  • Improvement: Updated/improved the design of the “referral URL” tab, and the default tables styling slightly.
  • Improvement: Updated so that when ajax loading is enabled, affiliate dashboard content is only loaded (via ajax) for each tab when the tab is clicked/selected. This shows the brief “loading…” animation the first time the tab is clicked whilst it loads the content. This help simprove performance. Can be toggled off (to load all tabs instantly) in “debug” settings.
  • Improvement: Small improvement to loading speed when filtering orders and monthly summary on affiliate dashboard.
  • Improvement: Added a filter in admin “coupons” list, to only show the coupons that have an affiliate user assigned to them.
  • Improvement: Added option under “referral URL” settings to choose whether to track all new referral URL clicks from the same visitor/user, or just track the first visit (until cookie expires).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with line graphs sometimes displaying squashed (on rare occasions).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with monthly summary and recent orders list tables on small screens (mobile) not always displaying correctly.