New Fixed Tweak
about 2 years ago

Version 5.1.0

This update includes some improvements to the payouts module, including automatic payouts, and the option to reverse payouts. Additionally, we have made lots of other small tweaks, improvements, and small bug fixes.

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  • New: (PRO) Added new option to automatically/instantly pay affiliates commission into their account, after a payout request is made.
  • New: (PRO) When payouts are paid via Stripe or Store Credit (built-in system), a new button is available in the admin payouts section, to automatically reverse and refund the payout. Only applies to new payout requests created after installing this update.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Edited styling of notifications and some buttons on admin pages.
  • Tweak: (PRO) In the user payout email, changed the “Payment method” merge tag to show the full payment method name instead of the universal method ID.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Added payout ID to payouts events in activity log.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Improved styling on mobile for add registration and add domain popups in admin area.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Improved style of text on the MLA network tree diagram.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Fixed the MLA commission values displayed in the admin orders list tooltips.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Edited the text shown when payment threshold is not met on the affiliate dashboard payouts tab. Now shows the required amount.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Removed administrator, editor, shop manager, and author from the list of options for the “Accepted Affiliate User Role” and “Pending Affiliate User Role” settings.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Changed the way MLA tier settings are saved. Copied over the old settings for existing sites.
  • Tweak: Made some small style changes to the setup wizard page.
  • Tweak: Another slight improvement to speed of the fetch orders query by around 5-10%;
  • Tweak: Added some translations that were missing for “dates” throughout the plugin.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed commission graph not always showing the full commission amount for a specific day when hovering over a point on the graph.
  • Fix: Fixed inconsistency in all-time stats “total sales” value. The “total sales” in all-time stats now shows the total after discounts applied.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with affiliate dashboard always full refreshing for new coupons (since 5.0.1).
  • Fix: Fixed issue since WordPress 6.0, causing admins to be unable to the page with affiliate dashboard shortcode on.
  • Fix: Fixed styling issue causing problems for websites that had a pre-loader using the class “loader”.
  • Fix: Fixed the “total usage” value when “all-time” statistics are disabled.
  • Fix: Properly clear saved meta data for orders/coupons when the “Saving Data” options are disabled in the plugin “Debug” settings tab.
  • Fix: Fixed some links in admin area when the plugin is installed on a multisite.
  • Other: Added localized translations for Japanese.