Improved Fixed Tweak
about 2 years ago

Version 5.1.1

  • Improvement: Added option to hide the “Affiliate” menu link on the “My Account” page for non-affiliate users.
  • Improvement: (PRO) Added option to the “extras fields”, in the registration form settings, to choose if they should be required or not.
  • Tweak: Updated the “Latest Referrals” on admin dashboard to show existing/previous orders for new installs.
  • Tweak: Change date/time formats shown on affiliate dashboard to use format set in the WordPress “General” settings. They should now also be fully localised.
  • Tweak: Added capitalisation to some localised strings that were missing it.
  • Tweak: Added localisation to some strings that were missing it.
  • Tweak: Removed all older “translations” settings. The plugin is now just using normal localisation.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed the “Upload Image” button when adding a new creative.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed issue when “Use the email address as username” is enabled in registration settings, when admin uses “Add New Affiliate” form, and tries to add coupon for an existing user that does not have their email as their username.
  • Fix: (PRO) An empty “wcusage_mla_parents” order meta will no longer be created, if the MLA module is disabled.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed the apostrophe showing as HTML entitiy, in the “You don’t currently have any sub-affiliates.” message.
  • Fix: Fixed a few minor PHP warnings.
  • Other: Tested with WooCommerce 6.6.1