Improved Fixed Tweak
6 months ago

Version 5.12.3

  • Improvement: Admin reports will now load faster, especially when the “only show coupons assigned to an affiliate user” option is selected.
  • Improvement: On the Coupon Affiliate Users page, hovering over the username will now show a tooltip with all the affiliate user details that were submitted on the registration form.
  • Tweak: When the “Hide commission statistics for non-affiliate coupons” option is enabled, it will not give “unpaid commission” to coupons that do not have an affiliate user assigned to it.
  • Tweak: Made a few small tweaks/improvements to the code for setting the cookies when a referral link is clicked.
  • Fix: Fixed a few small bugs with admin reports.
  • Fix: Removed HTML tags from the notification emails if the {commission} merge tag is used.
  • Dev: Added some extra hooks for when affiliate registrations are created, accepted, and declined.