New Improved Fixed Tweak
10 months ago

Version 5.5.0

We’re thrilled to introduce version 5.5.0 of Coupon Affiliates, which welcomes a huge variety of new features and improvements for the plugin. This is one of our biggest ever updates!

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  • New: Added support for WooCommerce’s new “High-Performance Order Storage” feature. When enabled this should make loading the affiliate dashboard even faster.
  • New: Significant performance improvements for when loading order affiliate data, such as on the affiliate dashboard and admin reports.
  • New: Added option to track conversions via referral URL even if coupon was not used. If enabled, if someone visits the site via the referral URL and places an order without using the coupon code, it will still be tracked and award the affiliate.
  • New: Added option to set a custom referrer for an order that has already been placed. This can be done via the “Edit Order” page in the admin area.
  • New: Added option to hide commission statistics for non-affiliate coupons. When enabled, commission statistics are disabled/hidden for coupons that are not assigned to an affiliate user.
  • New: (PRO) MLA: Added to also give fixed commission for MLA parents for sub-affiliate referrals, instead of just percentage commission. ou can pply these together, or just one or the other.
  • New: Added option to enable Cloudflare Turnstile captcha on the affiliate registration form.
  • New: Added {passwordurl} merge tag to “New Affiliate Account Created” email template, to show the user password reset URL.
  • New: (PRO) Payouts: Added an option to each payout method, to set a user role that can use that payout method. This is useful if you want to restrict certain payout methods to certain user roles.
  • New: (PRO) Payouts: Added option to add an extra field to the “bank transfer” payout method to collect some additional information from the affiliate.
  • New: (PRO) Added a new “Automated Conversion Rates” option to automatically update the multi-currency conversion rates every 12 hours.
  • Tweak: Updated the “Coupon Affiliates” admin submenu to be more organised, with some seperators splitting certain links up into sections.
  • Tweak: (PRO) The “Payouts” tab on the affiliate dashboard no longer loads via ajax since it’s not needed.
  • Tweak: All admin based roles will now be listed as an option in the “Admin Permissions” option, in the “Debug” settings tab.
  • Tweak: Changed the “Add New Affiliate” button to link to a dedicated page, instead of popup.
  • Tweak: The {amount} merge tag in payouts emails will now convert based on the website locale settings.
  • Tweak: (PRO) MLA: Made the affiliate network tree background transparent (instead of white).
  • Tweak: (PRO) MLA: A few small improvements to the MLA dashboard page on mobile.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Registration: If the “Enable Multiple Templates” option is enabled, the “Coupon Type” can now be selected when manually adding affiliates.
  • Fix: Fixed a conflict issue with the “wcusage_applied_coupon_check_allow_customer” function.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fix line graph occasionally not loading properly on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed a possible PHP error showing wcusage_get_credit_users_balance() function does not exist.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed a PHP warning showing when generating short URLs.
  • Fix: (PRO) Fixed a PHP warning showing when saving profile settings and “wcu_ml_access” is not set.
  • Fix: Fixed a PHP error sometimes caused after submitting affiliate registration, when “Dynamic Coupon Generator” is enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with “Change to pending” button not working on the “Affiliate Payouts” page with manual payout methods.
  • Fix: (PRO) Lifetime: Fixed an error with lifetime commission expiry if “Lifetime Commission Expiry” was set to 0.
  • Fix: (PRO) Lifetime: Fixed issue with affiliate dashboard all-time statistics not refreshing instantly when an order was placed by customer with a “lifetime affiliate referrer” (no coupon used).
  • Fix: Fixed some issues with the commission summary (when clicking “more” on an order on the affiliate dashboard).
  • Fix: Fixed issue in free version, with the “This Month” and “Last Month” not always refreshing stats instantly on the affiliate dashboard for new orders placed.