New Improved Fixed Tweak
7 months ago

Version 5.9.0

This update includes brand new per-affiliate product commission rate options, several improvements to the admin management pages for the plugin, an option to set the maximum commission per order, a few improvements to the recently added “Dynamic Creatives” functionality, and more.

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  • New: (PRO) Added “Per-Affiliate Product Commission Rates” feature, visible when editing products. These options allow you to set product-level commission rates on a per-affiliate basis. These rates can be set per coupon, user, or user role. If you set rates for a specific affiliate for a product, it will override the default rates that are set.
  • New: (PRO) Added an option to show a new “Rates” tab on the affiliate dashboard, which shows a table of the commission rates earned for that affiliate on each individual product.
  • New: Added an option to set the “Maximum commission per order”. This allows you to set the maximum commission amount that is calculated and can be earned per order referred by affiliates.
  • Improvement: Made some changes to the code that handles refunds to make it more consistent and reliable when deducting commission. Especially for partial refunds.
  • Improvement: (PRO) Added a “rotation” option to the text fields in the dynamic creatives feature, to allow you to rotate the text.
  • Improvement: Edited the “Coupons” link under “Coupon Affiliates” to link to a new custom page that lists all the coupons, with some extra columns.
  • Improvement: Edited the “Affiliate Users” link under “Coupon Affiliates” to link to a new custom page that lists all the affiliate users that are assigned to coupons.
  • Improvement: Edited the “Coupon Orders” link under “Coupon Affiliates” to link to a new custom page that lists all the orders that have been referred by an affiliate, with some extra columns.
  • Improvement: The “Other Information” column in the admin “Affiliate Registrations” page will now show the users first name and email address.
  • Improvement: The “New Affiliate Application” admin email now supports “name” and “email” merge tags.
  • Improvement: (PRO) Added a search field to the admin payouts page.
  • Improvement: (PRO) With the “Custom Affiliate Dashboard Tabs” feature, added a new option for each tab to set a custom “Tab Header” so you can have a different (longer) name for the tab header, than the actual tab button.
  • Tweak: The affiliate username will now be shown on the affiliate dashboard, next to the logout link.
  • Tweak: (PRO) Edited the layout of the dynamic creatives text fields slightly (2 columns).
  • Tweak: Removed the code that would no longer force refresh stats if the usage is 0, since there are cases where the usage would be 0 but it still needs to be refreshed.
  • Tweak: When assigned to multiple coupons the “Total Usage” shown for each coupon on the “Your Coupons” page, will not show the proper total usage from the all-time stats if available.
  • Tweak: Some small tweaks/improvements to styling on some admin pages.
  • Tweak: For the very first order for a coupon, the all-time statistics will now be updated automatically, if they are not already set (instead of waiting for the first time the dashboard is loaded).
  • Tweak: When multiple referral links are clicked, it will now apply the coupon code for the latest referral link clicked and replace any existing affiliate codes already applied to cart.
  • Tweak: Added a “Download CSV Template” link to the “Bulk Create: Affiliate Coupons” tool page.
  • Dev: Removed “commission_summary” from the “wcu_alltime_stats” meta since it’s not used.
  • Dev: Added a filter to modify the dashboard page title (defaults to the coupon code).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the all-time line graphs, when more than 100 orders within the 90 day date range.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the all-time stats if an order is created with “payment pending” status.
  • Other: Tested with WordPress 6.3.1
  • Other: Tested with WooCommerce 8.1.1