Fixed Tweak
7 months ago

Version 5.9.3

  • Tweak: (PRO) The “Store Credit Balance” on affiliate dashboard (settings tab) will now show a formatted number (such as £0.00) when it is 0 or empty.
  • Fix: Properly format the amount shown in the activity log for “unpaid commission” updated events, to 2 decimal places.
  • Fix: Fixed the alignment and layout of the login and registration forms on the affiliate dashboard page, when logged out.
  • Fix: Fixed a PHP warning on the “Bulk Create: Affiliate Coupons” admin tool page.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo with the “Product Price” text on the “Product Commission Rates” table.
  • Fix: Fixed the “Coupon Type” column in the new “Coupons” admin list page, always showing “Fixed Cart Discount” instead of the actual coupon type.
  • Fix: Fixed a PHP warning with the “wcusage_is_domain_blacklisted” function.